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Myself and 2 friends went to the sausage and salami workshop, and really enjoyed the experience. The day was very cold as it snowed when we arrived, which made it ideal for dealing with meat products.Will be doing another course down the track.Thank you Linda and Pat.
RobertAugust 2018 - Sausage and Salami Making Workshop
“We’re very lucky to be with you in Australia. We enjoyed your delicious food, your comfortable beds and your beautiful house and all of the lovely animals. And, today we don’t want to leave for China. I think we’ll be back and stay with you….You are the best. We’ll miss you so much and we’ll email you too. Hope you are happy everyday.”
Brianna, Cherie & NicoleJanuary 2016
“I am so grateful that I was arranged in this warm house and to stay with you two. You are such amazing people. I really find that the time has passed too fast. I love the super yummy food, love the beautiful garden and love the lovely animals. What’s more, I have learned a lot from you. How much you love life, how hard you work, how friendly and kind to people, how to keep open to new people and new things…. I can tell how this experience will inspire me in the future and I want to pass your love and spirit to more people. Best wishes! " With Love, Mary.
MaryJanuary 2016
“I’m so happy to meet you here. It is you makes my trip to Australia amazing. I will never forget your consideration for us, your passion for life. Linda, you set a very good example for us, you do everything well, not only in your former career, but also in your housewife life. I think you teach me a good lesson. And Pat’s passion and loyal to work also touch me a lot. I can’t express my gratitude with words, but I will remember the time with you will have influenced my life. Thank you forever, dear Pat and Linda”.
HelenFebruary 2016
“The hospitality of you and Patrick impressed us too much. The best day of our nine days trip is the day sharing with you. I trust we will come back soon”
AmyFebruary 2016
“I will always remember that Linda is a superwoman and Pat is a superman. You are very friendly and your foods are nature and healthy. We Love you”
Ada & LauraFebruary 2016